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My Guinea Pig called Squirrel

General Care

Information on the General Care routine for your Guinea Pig. They are very easy to look after but small children will need help with the basic care routine they require.


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Guinea Pigs eating various food in their cage

Feeding Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs like humans do not produce Vitamin C and need to be given it daily to ensure good health. Lack of vitamin C will cause scurvy. To maintain a good diet each Guinea Pig should be given 10mgs of vitamin C per day to 1kg body weight.

Pets Stores and Super Markets sell Guinea Pig food that has a vitamin C supplement. However this is not recommended as the only source of vitamin C for your piggie's.

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Guinea Pig in her cage sitting on her house

Guinea Pig Housing

Guinea Pigs can live either outside or indoors. When you buy your first Guinea Pig you will see why most owners who have the space decide to keep them inside.

A lot of people keep Guinea Pigs with Rabbits. You should not do this! Rabbits are bigger than Guinea Pigs and have very powerful hind legs and will kick your Guinea Pig. Also they will try to mate with him.

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Guinea Pig being held

Handling Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs should be handled with care. They have delicate bones and if dropped would cause them an injury. However Guinea Pigs are not like smaller animals such as Hamsters because they are much bigger you can hold them with confidence. I feel Guinea Pig's shouldn't be handled by small children. However if the adult holds the Guinea Pig then guides the child's hand to stroke him gently the Piggy shouldn't come to any harm.

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Guinea Pigs in the garden having some exercise

Guinea Pig Excercise

Guinea Pigs like all living animals need plenty of exercise. When you let them run around on the floor you will see how much they really enjoy a good run. When they are happy and feel safe they "Pop Corn" while running or standing still. It's quite cute to see a piggy all of a sudden start randomly leaping in the air.

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Vet holding a Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Neutering

If you have a male one you may be considering having him done, you may of read articles for and against. I have posted information from my own experience.

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