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Owning a new Guinea Pig

Day One.

Wednesday 14th August 2003
6 weeks old (Although she looks very small to me - She could be younger)

I went to the pet store just to look if they had a grey Guinea Pig. I had 3 already and 2 big rabbit cages end to end. However sometimes it would be nice to stack them on top of each other so having 2 pairs of Guinea Pigs seems fair.

I couldn't believe it when I saw her. They never have grey ones in. After pondering for a few moments and thinking it through and discussing it with my partner we both agreed another piggy would even them out.

The shop assistant from Pets at Home at last caught her <they are ever so fast and hard to catch when they are new> The new policy at that particular store is to get the on site vet to check them over before they are sold. This I was quite impressed with. They have a Vet clinic on site.

They checked her over and were happy to let her go. They placed her in a box with some hay and saw dust in. Straight away the poor little thing started to panic and ran around frantically. We brought her straight home.

When we got home we took her out of her box and sat with her on the sofa. After 5 min's we decided to get Kornage who is a very friendly Guinea Pig to introduce them. Straight away Kornage started rumble strutting, however he soon stopped once he had sniffed her all over. He then sat and was licking her ear in a kind of parental way. I have never observed him doing this with any of the others, however you don't know what he gets up to when he gets them in his hidey hole!

We then got out Millie and Nutmeg to introduce them. Millie and Nutmeg were both very interested and sat sniffing her. As it was a nice day I put all four Guinea Pigs out doors in the pen. I assume this was probably her first time out on grass so didn't let her out there for too long as she probably hadn't eaten fresh grass.

When all the piggie's went back in to the cage, Nutmeg was showing signs of being territorial. However this is expected, she is letting the new pig know some rules. Kornage wasn't bothered by her presence and surprisingly Millie hasn't been snappy.

Day Two

Today the new girl has been out sniffing around the cage. She makes a lot of mweeping noises, I think she is possibly calling for her Mum. Nutmeg is still snappy with her but it's nothing to be concerned about. It is just general Guinea Pig pecking order behaviour.

The new Guinea Pig seems ok and lively, she is eating well and cleaning her self so no cause for concern about her health.

Day Three

Today I tried the new girl with some different kinds of food. She wasn't too sure about peppers though. She quite likes baby sweet corn. She wasn't interested in carrot. She is going to have to learn to eat faster as Kornage keep's finishing what ever he's eating then going and nicking hers! Piggy by name and definitely by nature!!

Day Four

Weight 400g Roughly 6 weeks old.

Today I decided to weigh the new Guinea Pig. I felt maybe the weekly weight gain would be of interest to a new Cavy owner. She is very small and very fast compared to my other 3. Kornage is just a few weeks over a year old and he weighs 1.15kg, Millie 9 months old 1.20kg and last of all Nutmeg is 6 months old and weighs 1kg.

Today I noticed the girl has had quite soft pellets so I am going to cut back on fresh food for her. She has in four days eaten lots of different things that she needs to get used to. If you have a Guinea Pig with diarrhoea you should seek medical advice from a vet immediately. This is a bad sign!. However the Squirrel <which we have nick named her until we come up with one> her pellets are nothing to cause concern I know its just she's eaten too much fresh food! Tomorrow I will let her run about on the patio rather than let her graze on the grass.

Millie has taken to her really well and during cuddle time earlier with my daughter, Millie and the new Guinea Pig were cuddled up together.

Day Five

The new piggie (still with no-name) is very sweet. She is so full of beans compared to the other three. She pop corns around the cage and when she is left in there on her own she stands on a house calling for the other piggy's.

Day Six

Nutmeg is being very snappy with all the Guinea Pigs at present. She is being very territorial and has taken over one half of the cage and will not let the others in there. I have decided to separate her from the rest for the time being. I do not think this is down to a space problem as she is the same when they are in the piggie run which is quite big and has about six different hidey holes. I am starting to wonder if she would maybe like to live on her own. This could be her age though as she is growing in to an adult Guinea Pig.

Millie and Kornage are really nice to the new girl. They will let her share a food dish with them. Nutmeg snaps at her and even Kornage if they get close to her when she is eating.

Day Seven

Today I was surprised to find the baby Guinea Pig rumble strutting and trying to mount Kornage. Kornage was thrilled with this and played mounting with her for a mad 30 min's. The pair of them were running around in the cage together pop corning and having lots of fun. Millie just sat up on a ledge in the cage watching them. I have tried cutting the tips of her nails today as they are really sharpe and she likes to climb over Kornage and Millie. She was not impressed by this and I left it so I didn't stress her out too much.

Week 2

This week squirrel has been very lively she is full of beans but still very nervous. I have weighed her again and she still only weighs 400g but then I was using dodgy scales to weigh her. When she is being cuddled she will sit for about 10 min's then she climbs off me and runs to the end of the sofa and mweeks for the other piggie's. When she does this I am putting her back so she doesn't get too distressed. The new Guinea Pig seems to be very nice natured and very playful with the others.

Week 3

Squirrel has learnt to mweep for food! She is so enthusiastic when she does this, when I get up from my desk she runs over to the front of her cage and sticks her nose up in the air and mweeeps really fast and loud she makes me feel so bad that I have to come back with something for her and the rest of the crew. She is not over keen on cucumber and often when Kornage has finished his he will come and nick hers. She will learn to eat faster I am sure. She has a bond with Millie which I have noticed over the last week. The other night I had all 4 pigs out on the sofa and when Millie went back squirrel ran to the edge of the chair and was calling for her.

She had a mad moment the other day running around her cage on the floor the other day pop corning. She looks so sweet when she does this.


Baby Guinea Pig