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Introducing this Guinea Pig website

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  • About This Site All about the website why its here and who writes it
  • Contact Me If you need further information then use the contact form to email me
  • Guinea Pig FAQ's I am often emailed with various questions read here to see if it covers some information you were looking for
  • Feedback See what people are saying about this Guinea Pig website
  • Guinea Pig Tips I get emailed extra information from people who have read my site and felt I should share them with everyone else

Pre-owning section

  • Things to think about Guinea Pigs need more attention than hamsters or gerbils, they need lots of love, fresh hay and vegetables daily and a friend to live with
  • Where to Get  a Piggy Guinea Pig Rescues need good homes for abandoned Guinea Pigs from people who didn't think it out before getting one
  • Housing If you are going to get a Guinea Pig as a pet you need to consider what housing he will have
  • Shopping List I have made a list of the things you will need to have when you get your first Guinea Pig
  • Guinea Pig Rescue When I lost Kornage I needed another male to live with Millie, I found this charity and adopted a neutered male from them.

Section dedicated to the care routine of a Guinea Pig

  • General Care Basic information on how to care for a Guinea Pig, things to check and do on a regular basis
  • Feeding Guinea Pigs need good food made specifically for them with a fresh supply of Hay and Veg daily
  • Handling At first handling a Guinea Pig can be tricky, over time you will get used to your Guinea Pig, read my tips on how to get him out the cage with minimal fuss
  • Exercise Guinea Pigs need exercise, they must be secure from unwanted visitors
  • Neutering I had my boar Guinea Pig neutered as I didn't want my Sows to have babies

Introducing my Guinea Pig family

  • Guinea Pig Diary When I got my first Guinea Pig I started writing this site so I took notes about his behaviour so it could help others
  • 2nd Guinea Pig Diary The personality of the second Guinea Pig in this diary is different to the first so I felt both articles gave a more in depth look in to owning a new Guinea Pig
  • Kornage He is the most cutest pet I have ever owned and loves to be cuddled and fussed over, I can not explain how much this Guinea Pig loves human attention! He is full of personality
  • Millie MooZer After a long hard struggle with this Guinea Pig I finally tamed her and she's tuned out to be equally as cuddly as Kornage, she loves lots of attention from me and if when cuddled I stop stroking her will turn to my hand and nibble it to remind me to start again, she still bites though! but with her cute fluffy cheeks I always forgive her
  • Nutmeg This Guinea Pig hates everyone! Hates the other Piggies, hates me, if she were a human she would have tattoos on her knuckles saying hate! I won't give in to her bullying me and from time to time she forgets she's the 'ard bird and likes to have a quick cuddle as long as none of the others are watching!

The other stuff

  • Guinea Pig Books A resource page listing some books about Guinea Pigs. We highly recommend any books by the author Peter Gurney.
  • My Friends Pigs I have met alot of people online through my love of Guinea Pigs and have been sent various photos of my friends pets to put on my site.
  • Guinea Pig Resources Whilst surfing around the internet I have found various sites that have been a wealth of information or entertaining, I put together a list to share with my site visitors
  • Site Map

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Rusty Guinea Pig


Gerty and Squirrel

Gerty Hiding


Baby Guinea Pig with Adult Guinea Pig